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Many to what?

As I was learning ACL, a difficult area for me was joins. I spent many hours visualizing what records would end up where. Not to mention, how to decide which table is primary? Today I’ll attempt to explain one type of join that has helped me tremendously: a matched primary join with all primary and secondary records present.

Let’s start with some vocabulary:

Primary and Secondary – Hopefully this is pretty straight forward…

Key field – This is the field ACL will use to match my two records together. Some examples are employee numbers, check numbers, last names, and cities. Both of my primary and secondary tables will have these, preferably the same length.

Many-to-one – ACL will default to matching the first record in the secondary table to my primary key. Personally, this was confusing. I chose to ignore it when I was learning joins, and you should just know that it can pose a problem.

Diving right in, my goal is to create a join that is easy to understand and quick. How am I going to do this? Continue reading

2014 ACL User Group Schedule

Hello everyone!

We want to communicate our schedule for 2014 St. Louis ACL User Group lunch meetings.

Dates: March 5, June 4, August 27, and November 5.
Time: 11:30 am – 1 pm
Brown Smith Wallace
6 City Place Drive, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

City Place is just East of 270 and Olive.
City Place 6 is the first building you come to in the complex when you turn North on City Place Drive from Olive. You can see it from Olive.
There is free parking in the garage on the East side of the City Place 6 building.

The meeting will be in the Training Room on the first floor. We’ll be in the lobby to point you in the right direction.

Topics: TBD – Please let me know if you have any ideas or would be willing to present at one of the meetings.

We also hope to have some additional social events. We’ll keep you posted!

School System Couldn’t Account for $48.4 Mil

There was an interesting article in the Memphis Daily News. It appears a recent audit turned up $48.4 mil in misplaced equipment and property.

Roland Calls for Probe of Missing Schools Inventory

Apparently Memphis city schools merged with Shelby County schools a few years ago. It would be interesting to see how much of this issue was caused by that merger.

What’s your opinion?

– Rob