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Q3 2010 Meeting Summary

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Q3 meeting! CPE-required surveys will be sent out shortly.

Files related to the Q3 meeting:
Main Presentation – Includes Tips & Tricks
Top 100 Tests – Special thanks to Manuel Coello of Stanley Blank & Decker. The presentation was used at the NY Conference.
Adding Value with Data Analytics – Created by Jan Beckmann and used at the IIA Springfield, IL Chapter meeting.

Tips and Tricks #6

Combining Multiple Files

If you have multiple files that have the same layout and need to be combine into a single file for analysis, using a couple of scripts will save you tons of time – especially if those files are print image reports.
In this example, we’ll take monthly bank statements and combine them into one file so that we can analyze them. The scripts presented below are a simplified version of an actual project.
Imagine we have 12 monthly bank statements in separate text file reports. The text file will require the print image procedure to be imported. When you apply the example to your project, you may be importing CSV or other non-print image formats – so adjust accordingly.
So here’s a rundown of what we have, and what we want to accomplish.
  • 12 monthly bank statements in txt format all named after their month (e.g. “January.txt”)
  • Needs to be imported via print image
  • Combine all months into 1 file for analysis