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Q2 ’10 User Group Meeting

Agenda and Speakers

ACL Update

Steve Biskie and David Dempsey, ACL representatives, are visiting St. Louis and are hosting this meeting for us. They will share:

  • ACL updates, AX2, and continuous monitoring
  • Building the business case for data analytics – involving business lines to get what you want
  • FCPA highlights
  • Review of the executive session held that morning regarding self-funded insurance

So, come armed with your questions for ACL about licensing, Audit Exchange, training, conferences, the future of the software, and anything else you’ve been wondering about.

Tips & Tricks

Jan Beckmann, Brown Smith Wallace Data Analysis Practice Leader and former trainer for ACL Services, will share ACL tips and tricks to help you get your analysis work completed more efficiently. The content will span beginner to advanced levels. Topics will include how to use standard features to enhance the effectiveness of commands and how to use scripts and variables to process commands on multiple data files.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Noon – 2 pm
Lunch will be provided – courtesy of ACL Services
Hilton Frontenac
1335 South Lindbergh Boulevard

Be sure to RSVP with by April 7, 2010!

Download Presentation

Download “Auditing self-funded insurance plans” Presentation

Tips & Tricks #2

Join, Relate, & Append

When to use the multi-file commands

  • Use Join when you want to compare the contents of two files.  Join lets you choose what combination of matched or unmatched records you need and create a new file with the desired results.
  • Use Relate when you want to complete a file by adding a field (column) from another file.  You do not create a new file, you give yourself access to everything in another file as it relates on your key field.
  • Use Append when you want a longer file (more records).  It’s like copying and pasting one file on the bottom of another. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks #1

Find transactions/records that occur on weekends

This will find transactions/records that occur on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). This could be useful in finding payments that normally should not occur on weekends:


Use in a Script:


Previous Meetings

Meetings are eligible for CPE credits!

Q1 2010 Meeting

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tom Tharp, CHAN

  • Combining ACL with other technologies for powerful results
  • Workshop – mapping out an effective solution

Gary VeuCasovic, Energizer

  • Energizer “Cookbook”

(Note: Location was moved to Enterprise in Clayton due to response of attendees)

Click here to download complete agenda

Q3 2009 Meeting

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Craig Franklin, Laclede Gas

Gary VeuCasovic, Energizer

Kim Tolliver, ACL Certified Trainer

Click here to download complete agenda

Q2 2009 Meeting

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bret Blackford, Arch Coal

  • Arch Coal and use of ACL

David Dempsey, ACL

  • Audit Exchange
  • What it is
  • How it can help you
  • How it has set the platform for the future of ACL
  • How much it costs

Click here to download complete agenda

Q4 2008 Meeting

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pat Ferrell, RLI

  • Continuous Monitoring Case Study – RLI has developed over 40 ACL scripts that they run on a monthly basis and have made great increases in their productivity. Audit manager, Pat Ferrell, will be explaining their process for development of new scripts, how scripts are managed, how they train their auditors on ACL, and what they do to reduce false positives among other topics. Come prepared with your continuous monitoring questions so Pat can explain how they’ve successfully managed their program.

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Q2 2008 Meeting

Monday, June 23, 2008

  • Workpaper documentation – Once you’ve done the analysis how do you translate that into something that fits in your workpapers and what information really needs to be retained?  We’ll have examples from different companies so you can get some ideas and discuss standard policies.
  • ACL Training Topic – Join vs. Relate vs. Append.  When do you use which one? What is the difference? Is one more advantageous that the other in different situations?

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Q1 2008 Meeting

Monday, March 24, 2008

  • Get new ideas for application and learn successful techniques through the success story presentations from St. Louis companies such as RGA and BJC Healthcare.
  • Increase the amount of data you can work with through the demonstration of the new Import PDF command in V9.1 which allows data to be read by ACL directly from a .pdf which was previously not possible.
  • Improve the likelihood of successful projects, reduce frustration and increase efficiency through our roundtable discussion of streamlining data access.  Feel free to ask questions about specific system capabilities, file request forms, or obtaining sensitive data like social security numbers.

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